IPL for Hair Removal

Treatments with our machine are quick, effective and most importantly, comfortable.

Intense Pulsed Light is the most effective way to treat unwanted hair. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, irritation from waxing/shaving, hormonal hair growth or are just sick of your unwanted body hair - Skin Tone can help!

Book for your consultation today and be hair free tomorrow.

  • Consultations (30 minutes)50

  • Between Eyebrows40

  • Forehead60

  • Top Lip60

  • Chin60

  • Lip & Chin Combo100

  • Sides of Face80

  • Full Face (female)160

  • Full Face (male)160

  • Front of Neck100

  • Back of Neck100

  • Male Chest (excludes abdomen)100

  • Male Chest (includes abdomen)200

  • Female Snail Trail (dependent on size)60

  • Male Abdomen 120

  • Shoulders100

  • Underarm 80

  • Lower Half Arm (including hands and fingers)160

  • Male Full Back250

  • Male Half Back (top)120

  • Basic Bikini80

  • Extended Bikini100

  • Brazilian120

  • Upper Legs125

  • Lower Legs125

  • Full Legs250

  • Brazilian & Under Arm Special99