Nail Extensions

Posted on Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nail extensions have been around for years and when I moved to Mundaring I decided that it was a service that I would like to offer my clients because I enjoyed doing them and with regular maintenance they would always look great.

Unfortunately, it quickly came to my attention that I was the local "fixer". I was fixing everyone's rubbish nails from the local nail bar only to have them baulk at my prices afterwards and return to the very nail bars that caused the problems in the first place.

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A Question Of Nails.......

Posted on Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Artificial nails have been around for decades. They appeal to us in many ways. Some of us are nail biters and love the look of long nails that we can never normally achieve. Some of us (not me!) do a lot of work around the home and garden and long nails don't last. And some of us have very weak nails - for various reasons. But in the last 5 years, artificial nails have come a very long way.

10 years ago, you had a choice - acrylic or gel. And it was rare to find someone who offered both. It was even more rare to find someone good!

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Sad People Have Sad Skin....

Posted on Monday, 06 May 2013

Sad People Have Sad Skin........

Why is it that when you're going through a rough patch in your life that your skin hears you and reflects it on your face?! Why is it that at a time when you MOST need a game face, your body fails you and you look exactly how you feel??

There's nothing like a few extra hormones, a decrease in your water supply, an increase in toxin supply (alcohol, cigarettes, bad diet etc) and a less than sunny disposition to really make you look worse than you've felt in a long time.

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The Problem with Pigmentation ....

Posted on Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Many women suffer from pigmentation (dark marks on the skin) at some stage of their life. It is often brought on by sun exposure but can also appear if you're under medication, have injured your skin, have had a treatment like peels or IPL, if you've been pregnant or been under severe stress.

It is more common in darker skin types, but many women who are Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 and 2 (very light skin) also suffer with this problem. This is not to be confused with Vitiligo (whitening of the skin, in patches) which is where the pigment dies in areas and cannot be fixed.

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Antibiotics and Your Skin

Posted on Thursday, 07 March 2013

It has come to my attention more and more in the last couple of months, that Doctors are treating many skin conditions with course after course of antibiotics. I've had 2 clients in the last week who have been on antibiotics for extended periods of time - in one case, 10 weeks +.

This is concerning for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are limited results gained by completing long courses of antibiotics. If they are to be prescribed (and I wouldn't recommend them as a course of skin treatments anyway) they should be given in a topical treatment form.

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