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At Skin Tone, our clients always come first. All of our therapists are skincare professionals who have been specifically trained to offer all services at a high quality standard, ensuring you receive the same care each time you walk through our doors.

We understand that all skins are not alike, and our team strives to ensure your skin care is specifically suited to meet your unique needs.

Skin Tone only caters for skin & IPL. We have recently taken the steps to transform into a Skin Clinic and with that,  have moved out of waxing, tinting, manicures & pedicures. Regular facial clients can still have the waxing & tinting that they've always enjoyed however we are not taking any new waxing clients.

About Us

With over 19 years experience in an ever changing industry - Skin Tone owner Eley Hooper brings her vast knowledge of skin and how to effectively treat stubborn conditions.

I am very much focussed on ingredients in skin care and the way it is "delivered" to the cells. There are a lot of fallacies relating to skin care and for that reason, I have chosen my skin care line very carefully. I only use and recommend DMK (Danne Montague-King).  Just like no one vegetable will take care of your whole body, no one ingredient will take care of your skin as it changes over time. DMK is the No 1 Paramedical Skin Care range in the world and are all cosmeceutical grade products which effect real change in the skin. I use the most effective and potent products in order to get the best results for my clients. 

All products are designed to work hand in hand with each other and create a change within the skin - we do it gently with minimal down time and discomfort. You must remember, problematic skins rarely occur overnight and therefore, cannot be treated overnight either.


For scarring and skin rejuvenation, we have the DermaPen system. Effectively and safely penetrating the skin up to a depth of 2.5ml we can reduce scarring and ageing significantly and quickly. There is minimal down time, reduced irritation (as we only needle with sterile saline) and results generally start showing after 7-10 days post treatment. A course of 4-6 is required to see best results.

For aged skin and scarring we offer Platelet Rich Plasma treatments as well as needling, so please enquire about how this procedure may be a better option for you.

For effective hair removal and reduction, we employ the Esteem IPL machines. Gently producing long term results, we will have you hair free in no time! Ask about our Super Hair Removal (SHR) IPL system for pain free treatments.

For my nail clients, I use only the best CND Shellac system. I don't use cheap imitations which will ruin your nails and my reputation. I have many years experience under my belt with recent and regular training with nail enhancements. You'll find no beginners at our nail table! I also allocate all of our nail clients their own disposable nail instruments (files & buffers). What does that mean for you?? NO NASTY NAIL INFECTIONS for a start!! I strictly adhere to industry regulations and the Skin Penetration Act - your health and safety are my utmost concern. But remember - you get what you pay for! If you're looking for a 30 minute pedicure with no conversation and sub-standard products that costs $29 I'm afraid you won't get it at Skin Tone!

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